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MS GA-682

Excerpt from: Miniscule (cursive) MS #GA-682 (11th cent)

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MS # 682: - 11th cent. Miniscule
    Folio 266a - up to Jn 7:53a
    Folio 266b - 7:53b-8:6
    Folio 267a - 8:6-14
    Folio 267b - 8:14 fwd

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Cursive MS 682


GA 682

(VK 905, Scriptorium, Orlando, FL)

Kurzgefasste Liste description:

MS number: GA 682
Contents: e (gospels)
Date: XI (11th cent.)
Material: parchment
Leaves: 309
Columns: 1
Lines per page: 18
Dimensions: 15.4 x 12.3 cm
Shelf Number: last: London, Sotheby’s [Philipps 7757])

Corrections to K-Liste description: 15 x 12 cm; now owned by the Scriptorium in Orlando, FL. 308 instead of 309 leaves (but two cover leaves).

CSNTM description:

MS number: GA 682
Contents: e
Date: XI
Material: parchment
Columns: 1
Lines per page: 18
Dimensions: 15 x 12 cm
Shelf Number: VK [VanKampen] 905, Scriptorium, Orlando, FL
Leaves: 308
Page Count: 616 (unnumbered pages).
Cover material: front cover and verso; first page, recto and verso; back cover & spine and latches with book closed.

UV: 213v (erased text); 221v (erased text); 233r; 245r; 269.

Interesting or significant material: verso of front cover has Greek material (on paper); recto of first cover page has an ex libris: “No. 331,” and the manuscript belonged to “The Hon...ble Frederic North.” On the verso is Greek text of a later hand. Eusebian canons; 11r–89v (Mt); 28r (unusual marginal note); 90r–93v (hypothesis and pinax of Mk); 94r– 144 (Mk); 144 (end of Mk; outside margin has been cut off so that Eusebian canons are gone); 145r–49v (hypothesis & pinax of Lk); 150r–239v (Lk); 240r–41v (hypothesis & pinax of Jn); 242r–308 (Jn).

Taken from: CNTSM .pdf description

MS # 682

Folio #266a (recto)

Including the beginning of the PA: Jn 7:53a

Folio #266b (verso)

Including Jn 7:53b-8:6. Although Titles (in red) were added later, and some text interspersed between lines, it is clear that the manuscript originally had the continuous text of John including the PA from the start, as its much older exemplar (master-copy) must have had. Typically a master-copy would be 200 or more years older than the newest copies, and this places our text here back to the 8th or 9th century. Other even older manuscripts have the passage too.

Folio #267a (recto)

Including Jn 8:6 - 14: Although the top two lines of the page have been damaged by water/mildew, the text is easy to restore, and is undoubtably in the original hand.

Folio #267b (verso)

Including Jn 8:14 fwd: Note that the verso of parchment pages is typically a different color and texture than the recto (one side being the inward facing animal skin, the other being the "hair-side"). Typical reading/lection marks have been added in red, but were color-enhanced improvements on an original layout that allowed for out-dented paragraphs with an oversize letter in left-margin, as below.

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