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1917 A.D. - 1335 (Daniel 12:12)

Numismatics, calendars

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Palestine - Egyptian Coinage:
    1917 A.D. = 1335 Muslim year

Egyptian Coins - 1917

Common Currency in Palestine

Five milliemes, both sides: Note that the date given on the right in Arabic, is not the English year, but the Muslim calendar year as followed by the Egyptian government, 1335. The similar number at bottom (1333) indicates the governmental authority's assumption of power, 2 years earlier. Notice here that what looks like a "zero" is in Arabic the number 5. This is shown by the English/Arabic numerals shown on reverse indicating the value, 5 milliemes.

The 10 Millieme coin below also indicates on the reverse what the actual Arabic numeral for "zero" is, which is a solid dot, in its display of the denomination on the back:

1917 was the year the British, led by general Allenby, freed Jerusalem from Turkish occupation, without firing a shot.

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