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Codex A: 1st Cor 9:2

Haplography: Codex Alexandrinus, (4th cent.) - from Earlham College Website

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Haplography: Codex Alexandrinus
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Codex Alexandrinus

An example of Haplography in Codex Alexandrinus (A, GA-02) has been collated (verse 9:2 is missing), and documented by the Earlham College Website. We reproduce the text here, along with attestation and photographic evidence.

Comment: Taking into account the longstanding practice of substituting full names (Jesus, Lord etc.) for Noma Sacrae (abbreviations: ΙΣ = Ιησους, KS = Κυριος, etc.), the lines can be seen to be very close in length, and a homoioteleuton (Similar Ending) type error can be envisioned. Such an error could have happened on any copy prior to Alexandrinus in the stream.

1st Cor. 9:1-2 (standard text)

ουκ ειμι αποστολος ουκ ειμι ελευθερος ουχι ΙΝ [ΧΝ] τον
ημων εωρακα ου το εργον μου
υμεις εστε εν κυριω
ει αλλοις ουκ ειμι αποστολος  αλλα γε υμιν ειμι η
γαρ σφραγις της εμης αποστολης
υμεις εστε εν κυριω


     ουκ ειμι ελευθερος
ουκ ειμι αποστολος ουχι ΙΝ
τον ημων εωρακα ου το
εργον μου
υμεις εστε εν κω

(9:1, actual layout in manuscript)

[ει αλλοις ουκ ειμι αποστ-
ολος αλλα γε υμιν ειμι η γ-
αρ σφραγις της εμης αποσ-
υμεις εστε εν κω]

(missing verse 9:2,
if given 20 chars/line)

Photo: Codex A

1 Cor. 9:1 ends above red line, and 1 Cor. 9:3 begins below, skipping 1 Cor. 9:2.

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