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New Synoptic Chart

Relations and Dependencies in the Synoptics and John

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Introduction: - Wilke Chart
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Wilke Model


The basic Wilke model is given by Mark Goodacre as:

Ch. G. Wilke (1838), Bruno Bauer (1841), Ronald V. Huggins (1992). Markan priority, but the Double Tradition material (shared Luke/Matt.) is the result of Matthew's copying of Luke.

Ch. G. Wilke,
Der Urevangelist oder exegetisch-kritische Untersuchung
über das Verwandtschaftsverhältnis der drei ersten Evangelien
(Dresden & Leipzig, 1838);

B. Bauer (1841);

R. V. Huggins, "Matthean Posteriority: A Preliminary Proposal," NovT 34 (1992): 1-22;

George A. Blair, The Synoptic Gospels Compared (SBEC 55; Lewiston, N.Y.: Mellen, 2003);

Evan Powell, The Myth of the Lost Gospel (Las Vegas: Symposium, 2006).

New Chart

Our model is developed a little further, and is flexible enough to accomodate Luke's acknowledged written sources, as well as an earlier edition or copy of Mark used by Luke, which seems to have omitted the Great Lukan Omission (Mark 6:47-8:26). Matthew, writing later, in any case uses essentially our current Mark:

The "other sources" would include for Mark the 'Galilean Gospel', forming the Lukan Omission (Mark 6:47-8:26), and possibly the Ending of Mark. For Luke this would be Q materials and Special Luke (material omitted by Matthew), and for John this would be possibly the "Signs Source" and other eyewitness material from others. For Matthew this might include "Special Matthew" (e.g. some unique parables).

James Snapp Jr. offers a similar chart and model on his site here:

James Snapp's Synoptic Chart < - - Click here.

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