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OL MSS & the PA

Excerpt from: TC Thread, , S. Avery, D. Buck, T. Wasserman, (yahoo Groups, 2010)

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Daniel Buck on the OL MSS

and the Pericope de Adultera

Daniel Buck (Bucksburg)
Posted Message #5985,
Thu Oct 7, 2010
textualcriticism group, Yahoo Groups

--- In post #1889, Steven Avery wrote:

Hi Folks,

J. N. Darby...said in his NT introduction:

"As to John 8 ... in my examination of the text I found that in one of the best MSS. of the old Latin, two pages had been torn out because it was there, carrying away part of the text preceding and following."

There aren't that many Old Latin manuscripts. Do we know to what manuscript Darby is referring to here, and how it is carried in the apparatuses?

There are 34 OL mss of John. Exactly half of them contain the PA. It is purposely omitted from four: a, f, q, and Δ/δ. But as we know, Δ/δ left the page blank to fill it in later if needed. It's added to the margin(?) of l.

The ms Darby noted was probably b, Veronensis. It's lacunate from 7:44 to 8:12, commencing with "rursus autem congregatis illis loquebatur."

Buchanan, page viii-ix, notes:

"The two centre leaves of Q[uire] xiii which contained the pericope de adultera have vanished and left no trace behind. The passage has not been erased. The text of b must have been closely akin to that of ff; for the two lost leaves in b would be exactly filled by the text of ff."

- Daniel Buck

Daniel Buck on OL & PA

Re: PA in OL MSS (Darby)

Daniel Buck (Bucksburg)
Posted Msg #6014,
Wed Oct 13, 2010
textualcriticism group, Yahoo Groups:

--- In, "tommy.wasserman" wrote:

Dear Daniel,

What are those 34 OL MSS? When you say 34 OL MSS do you mean MSS that preserve not just fragments? 34 sounds like a very high figure to me.

I went back to the Vetus Latina site to check. You're right, that number is a bit high. Three of those are just canon tables, only one of which lists the PA.

If 17 mss contain some of the PA, and 4 exclude it, that would indicate around 21 OL mss of that portion of John. The rest would be fragments of other parts of John.

For example, there are:

12 mss that don't have Jn. 7:52, and
8 mss that don't have Jn. 8:12.

...These contain most of the PA :

c Colbertinus
d Bezae (Latin side)
e Palatinus
ff2 Corbeiensis om. 7:53
g1 Sangermanensis primus
g2 Sangermanensis secund.
j Sarzanensis (7:46-8:6 ill) 8:7-12 visible
Würzburg Univ.
r1 Usserianus prim.
r2 Usserianus sec. (lac.) 8:7-21 extant
Liber Moliensis (MU)
Sang.60 Sangallensis 60
Sang.51 Sangallensis 51
* (lac. = lacunose, missing pages)
(ill. = illegible portions)

Daniel Buck

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