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John 7:53-8:11 - Russian/English Parallel Text

7:53. И разошлись все по домам. 8:1. Иисус же пошел на гору Елеонскую. 2. А утром опять пришел в храм, и весь народ шел к Нему. Он сел и учил их. 3. Тут книжники и фарисеи привели к Нему женщину, взятую в прелюбодеянии, и, поставив ее посреди, 4. сказали Ему: Учитель! эта женщина взята в прелюбодеянии; 5. а Моисей в законе заповедал нам побивать таких камнями: Ты что скажешь? 6. Говорили же это, искушая Его, чтобы найти что-нибудь к обвинению Его. Но Иисус, наклонившись низко, писал перстом на земле, не обращая на них внимания. 7. Когда же продолжали спрашивать Его, Он, восклонившись,сказал им: кто из вас без греха, первый брось на нее камень. 8. И опять, наклонившись низко, писал на земле. 9. Они же, услышав то и будучи обличаемы совестью, стали уходить один за другим, начиная от старших до последних; и остался один Иисус и женщина, стоящая посреди. 10. Иисус, восклонившись и не видя никого, кроме женщины, сказал ей: женщина! где твои обвинители? никто не осудил тебя? 11. Она отвечала: никто, Господи. Иисус сказал ей: и Я не осуждаю тебя; иди и впредь не греши.

...And each person went to his own home, but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.

And at Dawn Jesus came again into the temple, and all the people were coming to Him; and having sat down, He was teaching them.

And the scribes and Pharisees bring to Him a woman having been taken in an adultery;

And having set her in the midst,
They say to Him,
"Teacher! This woman was taken in the very act, - committing adultery;
and in the Law Moses commanded us that such be stoned to death;
You therefore, what do you say?"

And this they said testing Him, that they might have something to accuse Him of.'

But Jesus bent down and with the finger wrote upon the earth, ignoring them.

'And when they continued pressing Him, having bent back, He said to them,
"The sinless one among you -
Let him first cast a stone upon her!"

And again having leaned down, He was writing in the earth:

and they, having understood, being convicted by conscience, went forth one by one, beginning from the elders, even to the last.

And Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst of the crowd.

But Jesus, having bent Himself back, and seeing no one but the woman, said to her,
" ...where are those - your accusers? Did no one condemn you?"
And she said,
"No one, Lord."
And Jesus said to her,
"Neither do I judge you: Go, and sin no more."

(John 7:53-8:11)

The text has been taken from
Russian: Synodal translation (1875) from The Unbound Bible.

The English is a modern rendering from the traditional Greek text (Textus Receptus) based upon the KJV (modernized), with corrections from Young's Literal Translation, and following the Greek text closely. Words of Jesus are in red, other dialogue is in blue.

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