Dark Side
3rd Cent. (201-300 A.D.)

Last Update: Sept 3, 2007




c. 200

The Bishop of Antioch notices that the Gospel of Peter is being used in Cilicia

c. 200

Theodotion, a Greek convert to Judaism, makes a 'revision' of Septuagint (the 'LXX', or Greek translation of the O.T. and associated books).

c. 220

Clement of Alexandria cites "Alexandrian" NT text-type, & Secret Gospel of Mark, & the Gospel of the Egyptians...

c. 223

Latin apologist Tertullian, in de Spectaculis, v30.6 cites rumor that Jesus was the son of a prostitute, coins the name "New Testament", and cites "Western" Gospel text-type.


Emperor Maximinus ends a Christian schism in Rome by deporting 'Pope' Pontian and 'anti-Pope' Hippolytus to Sardinia, where they soon die.


Early theologian Origen writes Contra Celsus against Celsus' lost work of 178, and cites a rumor recorded by Celsus: "Jesus fabricated the account of his birth from a virgin. In reality, Jesus' mother was driven out by the carpenter husband to whom she was betrothed because she had committed adultery with a [Roman] soldier named Panthera [thus the ben Pantere of Jewish sources]. Left poor and homeless, she gave birth to Jesus in secret. Jesus later spent time in Egypt, where he hired himself out as a laborer, learned magic, and so came to claim the title of God." [CC1.28-32, commented on in Marginal Jew, Meier, p. 223]


Mandeans (later followers of John the Baptist) begin compilation of the Ginza.


'anti-Pope' Novatian decrees that there is no forgiveness for sins after baptism. Now 'Christians' and potential converts all over the Empire begin avoiding baptism until their deathbed.


Emperor Valerian executes all Bishops, Priests and Deacons in Rome.


Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, complains other 'Christians' are freely forging (altering?) his letters to discredit him, cites "Western" NT text-type,


Emperor Gallienus reverses former emperor Valerian and restores permission for the Roman church. 'Pope' Dionysius rebuilds the Roman church after Valerian's massacre.


Christian council held. Paul of Samosata, bishop of Antioch, expounds the doctrine of Adoptionism: that Jesus was only human until Holy Spirit descended at his baptism.


Mani, founder of Manichaean 'Christian' sect in Persia is crucified.


Pope Eutychian (Bishop of Rome) decrees that only beans and grapes be blessed at Mass.


Diocletian becomes emperor: he is a notorious persecutor of Christians


Pope Marcellinus (bishop of Rome) goes apostate, and offers pagan sacrifices for Emperor Diocletian.