Dark Side
6th Cent. (501-600 A.D.)

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Emperor Justin I outlaws the Arian heresy and campaigns to suppress Arianism everywhere.


Emperor Justinian outlaws the "alternative" Olympian Games of Antioch.

He also orders the execution-by fire, crucifixion, tearing to pieces by wild beasts or cutting to pieces by iron nails-of all who practice "sorcery, divination, magic or idolatry" and prohibits all teachings by the pagans ("the ones suffering from the blasphemous insanity of the Hellenes").


Justinian outlaws the Athenian Philosophical Academy and confiscates its property.


The fanatical inquisitor monk Ioannis Asiacus leads a crusade against the pagans of Asia Minor.


Justinian allows the inquisitor Ioannis Asiacus to convert the pagans of Phrygia, Caria and Lydia in Asia Minor by force. Within 35 years of this crusade, 99 churches and 12 monasteries are built on the sites of demolished pagan temples.


Hundreds of pagans are put to death in Constantinople by the inquisitor Ioannis Asiacus.


Justinian orders the notorious inquisitor Amantius to go to Antioch, to find, arrest, torture and kill the last non-Christians of the city and burn down all the private libraries.


Mass arrests, taunting, tortures, imprisonments and executions of gentile Hellenes in Athens, Antioch, Palmyra and Constantinople.

578 to 582

The Christians torture and crucify Hellenes all over the Eastern Empire, and wipe out the last pagans of Heliopolis (Baalbek).


The Christian inquisitors find a secret temple of Zeus in Antioch. The priest commits suicide, but the rest of the pagans are arrested. All the prisoners, including the Vice Governor Anatolius are tortured and sent to Constantinople to face trial.

Sentenced to death they are thrown to the lions. The wild animals being unwilling to tear them to pieces, they end up crucified. Their dead bodies are dragged in the streets by the Christian mob and afterwards thrown unburied in the dump.


Emperor Maurice starts new persecutions against the gentile Hellenes.


All over the Eastern Empire the Christian accusers "discover" more pagan conspiracies. A new wave of torture and executions ensues.