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Dark Side: Onsite Chronologies

Early Church History

001-100 A.D. - coming soon!
101-200 A.D. - coming soon!
201-300 A.D. - early foolishness

The Destruction of Paganism

301-400 A.D. - The Legalization of Christianity
401-500 A.D. - Competition and the State
501-600 A.D. - Death and Confiscation

The Persecution of the Jewish People

200-2000 A.D. - Anti-Semitism in Christian Era
Holocaust & RC Church - Modern Persecutions New!

The Persecution of Science

1601-1700 A.D. - The Arrest of Galileo

Dark Church History: External Links

History of Book Burning (001-600 A.D.)
Christianity & Pagan Literature - Bede's Library
Book Burnings - documented cases, U. of Nebraska
Pagan Attacks on Scripture - J.G. Cook

Persecution of Pagans (300-800 A.D.)
Christians Against the Hellenes - Rassias
The Dark in Dark Age
Early Persecution of Christians - ccel
Pagan History -
Persecution By Christians - wikipedia
Pagans & Christians - Pascal's Wager Site
Modern Pagan Persecution - Pagan Library
Catholics vs. Orthodox -

The Crusades (1000-1400 A.D.)
The REAL History of the Crusades- T. F. Madden
The Crusades -
Contemporary Accounts - Medieval Source book
Crusades & Islam - Dowling
Crusades: Course Materials - Boise State U.
The Seven Crusades -
The Nine Crusades - Columb. Encycl. (Bartleby)
Crusades: Sources Soc. for Study of Crusades
Crusades Links -
Crusades Resources -
The 1st Crusade & the Jews of W. Europe - More...
Crusade Map -
Why the Jews? - a seminar on antisemitism
Jews & Crusades: Background - U of Michigan
The Crusades and Jewish Persecution - J. Levy

The Inquisitions (1022-1826 = 800 yrs)
The Inquisition - The Galileo Project
The Inquisition - Jewish Virtual Library
Brief History of the Inquisition (with Chronologies)
Intro to Inquisition Fordham edu
Secret Files of the Inquisition -
Inquisition in Spain - persecution of Sephardim
Inquisition FAQ - Bede's Library
Inquisition - RC apologetic, Fr. W. G. Most
Inquisition: Fact vs. Fiction - RC apol.,
The REAL Inquisition - T. F. Madden
The Inquisition in Peru - against "Judaizers"...
Inquisition Records: Confessions - Bp. Pamiers
History of Inquisition - H. C. Lea vol.1
Inquisition & Others -
Rare Spanish Inquisition Documents U. Notre Dame
History of Torture - documentary

The Witchhunts (14th-18th cent. = 400 yrs)
Witch Burnings overview
Witchhunt Timeline
King James & WitchHunts - pagan ponderings
Witch-hunt Myths -
Witch-Hunts & Gendercide -
WitchHunts & Politics - Crisis Magazine
WitchHunt Figures definitions, estimates, lists
WitchHunt Trial List -
Basque Witch Burnings - agendas suspected
Witch Burning Estimates -
Salem Trials (1692) - American WitchHunts
Brief Chronology - St. Augustine to Salem
Salem Chronology -
New York Burnings of 1741 - suspected "slave revolt"
Salem -
Salem Document Archive - IATH Institute
Another Chronology - and links

Trial of Galileo (1601-1650)
Trial Records of Galileo -
Galileo Background -
Galileo as Fallguy SHiPS Resource center
Trial of Galileo - Jurist .edu
Galileo & the Church - Catholic League Apologetic
Trial Proceedings - Vatican Archives
Behind the Scenes - U. of Notre Dame
After the Trial - U. of Oklahoma
Articles on Galileo -

Dark Church History: Onsite Articles

...coming soon!

Coming soon:
Jewish/Christian Infighting
Heresy and State Religion
Protestant Martyrdom
Modern Info Wars

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