Historical Evidences


Last Updated: Mar 5, 2010

Evidence for Authorship and Authenticity of John 8:1-11

Handy list of articles on textual and internal evidence. Use 'back-button' on your browser to return here afterward.

    Ten Defenders of John 8:1-11 - 10 famous scholars & PA
    Z. Hodges (1979) - a fair-handed scholarly assessment
    E. F. Hills (1984) - a strong evangelical defence
    J. P. Heil (1994) - internal evidence examined
    R. A. Culpepper (1998) - links to John's Gospel
    A. W. Wilson (2006) - linguistic and contextual evidence

    The Four Earliest MSS - manuscripts show guilty knowledge of PA
    Chiastic Structures - in John safeguard against tampering
    Moses and the PA - deeply entrenched keywords

    Diskalia (c.250 A.D.) - quotes PA as scripture
    Apost.Constitutions (c.300 A.D.) - quotes PA
    Ambrosiaster (c.350 A.D.) - quotes PA as history
    Didymus (c.360 A.D.) - quotes PA extensively

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