Updates: 2009


Dec 7 Versions Coptic MSS P 164 (VI) Sahidic

Coptic John...more soon!

Dec 5 Versions Codex Brixianus (6th) Latin PA

Old Lat.MS omits PA = Goth. photo/text

Dec 5 Versions Codex Sarzanensis (5th) Latin PA

..Old Lat. with PA photo/text!

Dec 4 Languages Amharic John 7:53-8:11   2-col.

...no unicode yet: just images

Dec 3 Languages New Translations! for John 8:1-11

...Now we have added Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Japanese renderings! We can now reach over half the world population, and we're not going to stop. Help wanted and welcomed! ...plus new Syriac Linked vers. John coming!

Dec 1 Languages Arabic John   Unicode!

Full text, for cut and paste!

Dec 1 Manuscripts P75 & B: Agreement?

...P75 doesn't agree with B that much!

Nov 29 Languages Syriac/English John 8:1-11

.. interlinear with pronunciation

Nov 29 Languages Chinese/English John 8:1-11

..Simplified Union text and John 8:1-11

Nov 29 Versions Cod. Khabouris (12th) /PA

Peshitta Syriac & PA

Nov 28 Scribal Habits Hurtado (2006) on Papyri

...early church use, textual effects

Nov 28 Scribal Habits Gaffs in UBS Greek Text VI

... A Tale of Two Errors: Acts 15:34-35 analyzed

Nov 27 Manuscripts Codex Delta - 9th cent.

leaves space for John 8:1-11

Nov 27 Patristic Ev. F.C. Burkitt (1911): Marcion

140 A.D. Heretic tampering: Luke/Paul

Nov 26 Scribal Habits H.Sanders (1912): Haplography

homoioteleuton in Codex W

Nov 24 Versions Codex Valerianus (q)

... Old Latin - c. 6th-7th cent. A.D.

Nov 24 Versions Codex Sang.60

...mixed Old Latin/Vulgate - c. 800 A.D.!

Nov 24 Art.by Topic B.Metzger (1963): Lucianic Text

evidence for existance

Nov 22 Art.by Topic M. Robinson (2006) Maj. Method

D.A. Black Interview

Nov 22 Languages Gospel of John: UNICODE


Nov 20 Art.by Topic W. Strange (1992): Western Text

its unity and nature

Nov 20 Art.by Topic C. Martini: Alexandrian Text

history & limits of 'Alexandrian' concept

Nov 19 Versions Old Latin MSS List: OL MSS

great introduction to the Old Latin

Nov 19 Languages Greek Gospel of John: Majority Text

...The Byzantine Text-type

Nov 18 Versions Latin Vulgate PA: Tisch. Ed.

Classic Latin text

Nov 17 Scribal Habits Gaffs: UBS Greek Text V UPDATE

... Paul' letters & others analyzed

Nov 17 Versions Codex Palatinus (e): Old Latin/PA

...includes the PA

Nov 16 Versions Codex Argenteus (V cent.): The

Gothic 'Silver Bible' tampering & PA

Nov 15 Reconstruct. Tischendorf (1877) GNT

- help for reading apparatus

Nov 14 Art.by Topic F. Kenyon (1936): Caesarean

& Metzger on new Text-type

Nov 14 Versions B. Aland: Coptic Versions

- history/current knowledge

Nov 13 Scribal Habits D. Carson (1979) homoeoteleuton

case: Lk 14:26

Nov 11 Scribal Habits J. Hernandez homoeoteleuton

omissions: א in Revelation (2006)

Nov 9 Scribal Habits J. Royse (2008) homoeoteleuton

singular accidental omissions

Nov 8 Scribal Habits J. Royse (2008) Scribal Habits

- P45  P46  P47  P66  P72  P75

Nov 7 Versions Codex Qau: Earliest Coptic John

- Sir H. Thompson (1924) on Q (5th Cent.)

Nov 6 Scribal Habits T. Holland (2009) "Oldest & Best"

- 'Best MSS' and anti-Byzantine bias

Nov 6 Scribal Habits W. Pickering (2009) Oldest = Best?

- more on scribal errors

Nov 6 Scribal Habits Jongkind (2005) Scribal Habits of א

Colwell's Singular Readings Method!

Nov 3 Versions Horner: Coptic (Bohairic)

PA, extensive critical notes

Nov 3 Scribal Habits Gaffs in UBS Greek Text V

...more haplography etc. in Paul

Nov 1 Scribal Habits L.M. Haines (2008) Haplography

scribal habits & Byzantine Text-type

Oct 31 Scribal Habits B.B. Warfield (1887) Haplography

examples from Aleph in Hebrews & PA!

Oct 29 Reconstruction R. Waltz (2007) Von Soden System

Symbols to modern MS numbers!

Oct 28 Scribal Habits Kenyon (1901) Haplography

errors in Aleph/B!

Oct 27 Scribal Habits Haplography & 1st Cor. 10:28 - Internal Evidence

... a fuller treatment of a notorious omission

Oct 25 Manuscripts Codex F - Photos - and text

... 7th-9th cent. MS with Jn 8:1-11!

Oct 22 Scribal Habits E.C. Colwell (1969) on Haplography

... from Scribal Habits, P66, P45, P75

Oct 20 Scribal Habits Dean Burgon on Haplography

... Classic Chapter from Causes of Corruption of the NT Text

Oct 14 Scribal Habits Gaffs in UBS Greek Text III (haplography etc.)

...Acts and Paul analyzed

Oct 10 Opponents A. Edersheim (1883) Internal Evidence -PA & historicity new!

...is historicity irrelevant?

Oct 10 Commentary G.H.Box (1921) Jewish Law -PA & Talmud new!

...did they really stone people in Jesus' day?

Oct 6 Scribal Habits Syriac Haplography (John 8:1-11!)

...New evidence for Haplography accident in DSS Aramaic script!

Sep 25 Languages Ten Commandments (Hebrew)

...unicode font (New Times Roman)

Sep 6 Scribal Habits Gaffs in UBS Greek Text II (haplography etc.)

...Matthew and John analyzed

Aug 14 Reconstruction Tregelles Greek NT (1861) Jn 8:1-11

...complete with critical apparatus and introduction

Aug 14 Scribal Habits Gaffs in UBS Greek Text I (haplography Mark/Luke)

...1/3 of omissions in modern critical Greek Text shown to be mistakes

Aug 8 Reconstruction WH/Tisch vs. TR Greek Text (unicode)

...Dual Columns from OpenScriptures.org

July 29 Synoptics Section Outlines for Matthew

...research charts for Synoptic Problem!

July 15 Manuscripts New Prayer Wall Page

...See the Main Home Page, click "Prayer Wall" on menu.

June 20 Chronology Church & Holocaust (1977)

... Jewish historian looks at RC involvement in Holocaust

Apr 29 Opponents J. S. Porter on Jn 8:1-11 (1848)

... 19th cent. textual critic opponent

Apr 28 Synoptics Matthew's OT Quotation Structure!

... The Temptation in the Desert Altered!

Apr 27 Manuscripts New Papyri

... backgrounder for Egyptian finds

Apr 25 Synoptics Luke's OT Quotation Structure!

... The Temptation in the Desert Explained!

Apr 24 Synoptics Mark's OT Quotation Structure!

...new analysis compliments OT structure in John

Apr 24 Reconstruction Reconstruction Articles III, IV Updated

... easy read, easier navigation - OVER 100 New Articles etc. since Nov 2008!

Apr 22 Supplementary King James WordList

... many words have changed meaning since 1611

Apr 6 Languages Syriac Peshitta Gospel of John

... nice big easy-to-read print, with Unicode font and pointings

Apr 4 Art.by Topic T. Burgess on 1st Jn 5:7 (1821)

... classic defence of a difficult passage!

Apr 3 Reconstruction Griesbach on Jn 8:1-11 (1823)

... text includes PA

Apr 2 Reconstruction Reconstruction Part I & II

... cleaned up for readability, more to follow (Part III, IV)

Mar 30 Opponents Christianity Today on Jn 8:1-11 (2008)

...misleading sidebar inspired by Daniel Wallace

Mar 29 Opponents NETBIBLE on Jn 8:1-11 (2007)

...a new critique of footnotes on Mark's Ending - James Snapp Jr.!

Mar 29 Commentary Kent on Early Judaism (1911)

...Backgrounder on Pharisees, Sadduces, Essenes

Mar 27 Commentary In House Commentary

... updated: expanded section on "Dawn/Jeremiah" & Unicode

Mar 26 Supplementary Author Master List

... Alphabetical List links to onsite materials

Mar 26 Commentary S. A. James on PA & Death Penalty

Part I: Nomist interpretation is false: more to come

Mar 18 Opponents Leon Morris on PA appendix

complete exerpt, footnotes coming soon

Mar 17 Commentary Lightfoot on PA full commentary


Mar 17 Commentary Matthew Henry (1706) on PA

classic Reformers commentary!

Feb 25 Internal Evid. Internal Evidence Section Overhaul

...New Navigation Menus at Top of every Article/Page!

Feb 25 ...More Unicode Updates!

(soon conversion will be complete)

Feb 20 Reconstruction M5 Greek Text - Unicode Update

...with full apparatus: mouseover popups

Feb 20 Patristic Evid. Text & Patristic Section Overhaul:

...New Navigation Menus at Top of every Article/Page!

Feb 12 Commentary Rogers Vocabulary for Jn 8:1-11

... updated with UNICODE Greek for all browsers

Feb 11 Manuscripts Koehler on Evangelistaries

Detailed discussion: Gospels & Lectionaries

Feb 11 Commentary C. L. Allen on PA

from God's Psychiatry (1953), counselling manual

Feb 10 Synoptics Synoptic Problem Pt. VII:

Mark, John & PA: evidence in Mark!

Feb 10 Opponents D.A.Carson on Jn 8:1-11

... admits fudging internal argument

Feb 8 Patristic Evid. Epiphanius of Egypt

...Canon List now with biography included

Feb 8 Manuscripts 5th Century Canon List

from Epiphanius, INCLUDES the PA!

Feb 5 Commentary Jones (1999) on Jn 8:1-11

... excellent up-to-date textual commentary

Feb 3 Opponents T. Zahn (1909) on John 8:1-11

...inadequate treatment of passage

Feb 3 Opponents D. Parker (1997) on Jn 8:1-11

...- unscientific trash

Feb 2 Supplementary C. S. Lewis (1950) NT Textual Crit

credibility and testability discussed

Feb 2 Supplementary Byzantine Empire 300-1200 A.D.

great introduction & good bibliography

Feb 1 Supplementary Sir C. Marston Biblical Criticism

...the new discoveries support the Bible

Feb 1 Supplementary Jesus vs. Biblical Criticism

Osgood (1887) shows that 19th century 'science' (mechanistic materialism) is completely incompatible with Jesus and Christianity. There can be no compromise. 19th century 'science' was wrong. Jesus is right.

Jan 30 Patristic Evid. Sozomen on Constantine

...Backs up Philostorgius on murder of Crispus

Jan 29 Updated Pages: Unicode Greek!

This allows consistent readable Greek
in both Internet Explorer and Firefox...
Go to the relevant sections to load these pages into your browser!

Now with UNICODE Greek:
Davidson (internal evidence)
Godet (textual)
Petersen (textual)
Cadbury (internal)
Heil (internal)
Wilson (internal)

Jan 28 Patristic Evid. Venerable Bede on Jn 8:1-11

...7th century English father gives homily on PA as Holy Scripture, sets standard for 200 years

Jan 27 Commentary John Wesley on Jn 8:1-11

...with biography

Jan 25 Synoptics Synoptics Pt. VI: The Lukan Omission

...and the Final Edition of Mark

Jan 23 Internal Evid. R.M. Fowler (1982) on Literary Criticism

...great introduction to new methods of Gospel analysis

Jan 23 Internal Evid. R. Heard (1950) on Internal Evidence for Jn 8:1-11

Heard shows the methodology for 'Internal Evidence' has been useless and unscientific.

Jan 22 Internal Evid. M. Scott (2000) on Jn 8:1-11

...more internal evidence for authenticity

Jan 22 Commentary Anti-Semitism and John 8:1-11

...historical interpretations and erroneous modern ones

Jan 21 Languages Arabic Jn 8:1-11

Large easy-read print

Jan 21 Commentary Ruth Tucker (1992) on Jn 8:1-11

...and issues of Gender Equality etc.