Updates: 2011


Apr 23Textual Ev. Cyclopedia Texttypes

theories in 1879: a review

Mar 30Textual Ev. Thompson Tachygraphy

early Greek/Latin shorthand

Mar 10Textual Ev. Daniel Buck Rom. 11:6

Alexandrian text & UBS

Mar 8Textual Ev. Codex Bezae (photos)

complete: Greek/Latin (hi res)

Feb 28Textual Ev. Dr. L. Hurtado (review)

on the pre-Caesarean Text-type

Feb 14Textual Ev. h.t. & Modern Vers.

homoeoteleuton: English xlations

Feb 12Textual Ev. Myshrall (2005) on א

the scribes of א

Feb 7Textual Ev. Omissions: MasterChart

update: 7 more Lukan errors

Feb 5Textual Ev. Aleph/B: MasterChart

Common Ancestor Errs -Synoptics

Feb 3Textual Ev. Codex Aleph: Mark's End

Photos of Replacement sheets!

Jan 28Textual Ev. Nomina Sacra:

Sacred Abbreviations in Papyri

Jan 24Textual Ev. R. Frazier: "Harmonizations"

in the Byzantine text?

Jan 23Textual Ev. K. Lake: Codex Aleph

history and evidence

Jan 10Opponents P.Comfort: the PA

another nonsensical attack

Jan 8Textual Ev. Aleph/B: Ancestors

Omissions in Luke

Jan 5Textual Ev. SBL GNT: omissions

Comparison to W/H GNT

Happy New Year!
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Dec 19Textual Ev. Ancestors of Aleph/B 2

Reconstructed MSS: Mark

Dec 18Textual Ev. Ancestors of Aleph/B 1

Reconstructed MSS: Matt.

Dec 5Scrivener Scrivener's TC Blog: in full

NT Textual Criticism

Dec 4Opponents White: the PA

J. Boyd reviews White on PA

Dec 3Textual Ev. Olley: Uncial Punctuation

Cod. B: double dots, spaces

Dec 2Naz's TC Blog Naz's TC Blog: PA & more

NT Textual Criticism

Dec 1KJV Blog KJV Blog: vs. WH

open debate of NT text

Nov 27Textual Ev. P-Oxy-1780: & notes

3rd cent. Frag.John 8:14-21

Nov 25Textual Ev. G.H. Clark: & the PA

evidence and arguments

Nov 23Textual Ev. Greek Punctuation: E.Tov

Marks on Early Gk MSS

Nov 21Textual Ev. P45: readings

unusual readings of interest

Nov 18Textual Ev. Homoioteleuton: Aleph/B

Archetype physical layouts!

Nov 17Textual Ev. UBS Gaffes2 Update

new reconstruction pics!

Nov 16Textual Ev. UBS Gaffes Update

new reconstruction pics!

Nov 15Reconstr. M5 Text (2010): PA

RP-GNT & IGNTP notes (print)

Nov 9Reconstr. D. Holmes (2010): the PA

SBL GNT: Jn 7-8, notes

Nov 3Internal Ev. J. Staley (1999): the PA

chiasm, unity of Jn 7-8

Nov 2Textual Ev. Masterlist: homoioteleut.

Updated w. new NIV (2010 ed.)

Nov 1Textual Ev. Snapp: Eclecticism

(2010) Review of New System

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