News: Germans try to own Greek NT! (Aug 8, 2009)

Several Websites Shut Down! < - Click here to read story

German Bible Society claims copyright over all derivative works using UBS4 text!

New Book: ( June 2009 )

The Pericope Adulterae, the Gospel of John,
and the Literacy of Jesus

by Chris Keith

Book Promo: 'Although consistently overlooked or dismissed, John 8.6, 8 in the Pericope Adulterae is the only place in canonical or non-canonical Jesus tradition that portrays Jesus as writing. After establishing that John 8.6, 8 is indeed a claim that Jesus could write, this book offers a new interpretation and transmission history of the Pericope Adulterae. Not only did the pericope's interpolator place the story in John's Gospel in order to highlight the claim that Jesus could write, but he did so at John 7.53 - 8.11 as a result of carefully reading the Johannine narrative. The final chapter of the book proposes a plausible socio-historical context for the insertion of the story. '

Nov 2008 - Jan 2009:
Over 50 new Articles and Pages!

Here is a list of the Articles and Features we've added this Winter:

Five More Early Fathers


5th century Latin poet who turned the Gospels into verse, uses John 8:1-11 as Holy Scripture


This often misused early father provides evidence that must be carefully evaluated.


This historian gives amazing evidence regarding the PA.


Startling new evidence removes Chrysostom from the list of fathers not using John 8:1-11, and moves him to the growing list of those who give testimony of this passage!


This early translator of Eusebius shows knowledge of John 8:1-11 as Holy Scripture.

(...more below..)

Eighteen Textual Critics


American historian who supported the Revised Version is analyzed.


He reverses the over-skeptical methodology of the 19th century.

Kenyon on the Papyri

Sir Frederic Kenyon reveals the significance of the papyri discoveries, for the authenticity of John.

Kenyon on the Bohairic Version

Sir Frederic Kenyon gives the background to the various Coptic translations.


He shows that there were still many competant defenders of John 8:1-11.


- presents an early and masterful defence of the passage.

Harris on Codex Bezae

A good discussion on the Latinisms of this odd manuscript.


Another attack evaluated


disappointing attempt at dismissal

Nicolson on Alford

Critic shows worthlessness of negative internal evidence


following the wrong leads

Nestle on Jn 8:1-11

Disappointing attack, and less than honest self-promotion

Godet on John

A more balanced view of the Discourse material

Dean Burgon Updated

The Traditional Text in modern English

Miller on rival TC schools

good intro to opposing views

Fee on Hort-like Critical texts

the stagnation of Textual Criticism

Whittemore on NT Greek

the state of knowledge at the turn of the century

Various New Articles

P75 Photos

revealing Dot and Space ...again

Turner on John's Style

finally, reliable assessments

Moses and John

Profound new evidence for the Authenticity of the PA

Hodge on TC

great discussion of previous critics


personal recollections by a friend


up do date info on the Lectionary system

Four MSS

a brief look at the 4 oldest copies of John

Stuart on Text-types

Reviews the theories of the 1800s

The Nestle Text

its metamorphosis and erasure of John 8:1-11

Scholz Text

based on Griesbach

Westcott Distances himself

second thoughts on the Westcott-Hort text!

Sayce on Higher Criticism

..versus Archaeology!

Palestinian Syriac

the Lectionary text

Updates and Cleanups

Gospel of Peter in Unicode

Ambrose - Latin Text

Papias - new discussions

Philostorgius - Greek Text Added

Chiasm Page: English Text

Augustine - Latin texts

Susanna II - texts and discussions

Davidson Internal Evidence - Unicode

Non-Canonical Index added

Also many new links and navigational aids