Urgent Needs

prayers for those in distress or crisis

Prayer for Russell : Please pray for our Christian friend, who is currently in hospital after a stroke. He needs healing on one whole side of his body. This brother has stood by his friends in crisis and has helped many without hesitation and with a cheerful spirit, and we ask you to remember him in your prayers until his difficulties pass.

Update: (Feb 24, 2010) Russell has gained mobility and is now able to walk briefly with the assistance of a cane. Many thanks for all your prayers! We are hoping for as full a recovery as possible. Please keep praying!

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Ongoing Prayer Needs

Longterm Needs for the Work of the Lord

Opportunity and Resources: Please pray that we be allowed to continue our ministry in the Gospel of John and the New Testament. We ask all our brothers and sisters to pray for continuing grace to sow the word of God and make our Father's will press forward upon the earth.

Update: (Feb 2010) - We have added over 100 new articles to the site in the last year! But there is much more work to be done: Please continue to remember us in your prayers. We thank God for all who have assisted our work! May the Lord bless you richly!

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Special Needs

Our Church: Our local church is embroiled in several political and moral issues, including the question of 'blessing' (approving of) same-sex marriages, inappropriate gender roles, abandonment of sound doctrine and even Holy Scripture, and the replacement of Christian teachings with secular humanist and libertarian, even hedonistic modern values.

We ask all believers who hold fast to the Gospel and the word of God as given to us in the New Testament and the traditional Bible, to pray for strong, inspired and Godly leadership in these perilous times, as we approach the dreaded 'Last Days' before the Coming of Our Lord Jesus the Christ.

Update: (Feb 2010) - We are sad to report that we have had to leave behind our Anglican congregation. As many are aware, the Anglican church is in state of great turmoil over doctrine and suffers from apostacy on multiple levels. We regretfully have had to seek another church, in which the Spirit of the Lord is working strongly and where the people are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ or the written word of God. We still love all our friends in the congregation and our Christian brothers and sisters in the community at large. But this decision was needful in order to find strong family support for our children. Peace in Christ to all. May the Holy Spirit begin a Revival in these Last Days.

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Prayers of Thanks

Thank you!   Also many thanks to the uncounted friends and Christian fellow-workers who have supported our project and helped our families under many diverse and difficult situations and hardships. We thank you all for your love and compassion, and the mercy and grace of God given to us through your hands.