Scribal Habits
and Errors

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General Articles on Errors:
J. Wetstein (1751): Older MSS - Older not = Better!
J. Burgon (1882): Haplography - mechanics of error
B. Weiss (1887): Omissions - & most common errors
F.W. Shipley (1904): Dittography - & omissions
H. Gamble (1977): Interpolation - Identifying Marks
L. Haines (2008): Scribal Habits - 'Shorter Reading'?
J.Royse (2008) Shorter Reading? - & Griesbach
W. Pickering (2009) Oldest = Best MSS? - early errors
T. Holland (2009) "Oldest & Best MSS" - & Byzantine

Errors in Specific MSS:
B.B. Warfield (1887): Haplography - examples from א
S. F. Kenyon (1901): Haplography - more ex. from א/B
H. von Soden (1911): Omissions - in Codex א/B
H.A. Sanders (1912): Haplography - in Codex W
E.C. Colwell (1969): Haplography - & P45, P66, P75
D.A. Carson (1979) & homoeoteleuton - Lk 14:26
Jongkind (2005): א - tests Singular Readings Method!
J. Hernandez (2006): Errors of א in Rev - singular OMs
J. Royse (2008): Scribal Habits - P45,46,47,66,72,75
J. Royse (2008) homoeoteleuton - singular omissions
J. Krans (2010) GA-3 - famous insertion: 2 Cor 8:4
Scrivener (2010) homoeoteleuton - P-Oxy-1780 new!

Errors and the PA:
R. Harris (1890): PA - א/B archtype: lost quire!
Syriac Haplography: PA - & Dead Sea Scrolls!

Haplography Errors:

Homoeoteleuton Masterlist - 75+ homoioteleuton VUs
H.T. & Modern Versions - homoioteleuton & English xlations

Gaffes in UBS Greek Text I - Mark, Luke
Gaffes in UBS Greek Text II - Matt, John
Gaffes in UBS Greek Text III - Acts, Paul
Gaffes in UBS Greek Text IV - 1st Cor. 10:28
Gaffes in UBS Greek Text V - more Paul etc.
Gaffes in UBS Greek Text VI - Acts 15:34-35

UBS Gaffes - All 4 Gospels - printable OpenOffice (.odt)
Homoioteleuton: Aleph/B - Reconstructed Layouts

Reconstructing the Common Ancestors of א/B: new!
Matthew - Reconstructed Genealogy: א/B
Mark - Reconstructed Genealogy: א/B
Luke - Reconstructed Genealogy: א/B
Ancestors of Aleph/B - Synoptics: Masterchart

New Support Blogs:
Homoeoteleuton Blog - add your own comments! new!
KJV Debate Blog II - New Debate Blog on NT Text new!

Articles on Unitarian Bias:
Unitarians & Modern NTs - Unitarian Plots Exposed
T. Brown (1979): Unitarian Bias in UBS/RSV

Tables for Errors:
Matthew Masterlist new!

Coming soon:
more NT error lists
errors in the early Fathers
An Exhaustive Text-Critical Commentary on PA
A History of Text-critical Efforts

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