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Latin Versions
Michaelis (1802): the Latin Versions new!
Old Latin MSS List - the major MSS for OL
OL MSS for PA - key MSS for PA listed new!

Codex Palatinus (e) The Old Latin & PA
Cod. Brixianus (f) (6th cent.) Old Lat/Vg: PA
Cod. Corbeiensis (ff) (4th c) OL has PA
Cod. Sarzanensis (j) (500 A.D.) Old Lat/Vg: PA
Cod. Monacensis (q) [=Valerianus] 6th-7th cent.
Cod. Sang.60 (L047) (800 A.D.) Old Lat/Vg: PA
Latin Vulgate PA Tischendorf's Edition

Syriac Versions
Syriac PA texts - Gwynn (1909) on PA
Syriac PA Haplography - Dead Sea Scrolls Script!
Codex Khabouris (12th cent) Peshitta & PA

Coptic Versions
B. Aland (1987) Coptic Versions - succinct intro
Bohairic Version & Jn 8:1-11 - with F. Kenyon
Horner (1898) Bohairic PA - text & notes
Codex Qau: 5th Cent. Coptic John - text & notes
Coptic MSS P 164 (6th cent) Sahidic John

Gothic Version
Philostorgius: Goth Bible Constantine & tampering
Codex Argenteus (V cent.) - 'Silver Bible' & PA
Cod. Brixianus (f) Old Lat.MS related to Goth.

Georgian Version
Birdsall (2006) on PA in the Georgian texts

Ethiopic Version (Ge'ez)
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Ethiopic Version (Ge'ez)
More Old Latin Articles
Syriac Version info
Coptic studies

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