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Last Updated: Dec 9, 2009

NEW! - MultiMedia with John 8:1-11

GOSPEL OF JOHN: 7:37-8:40 (movie) - with PA
Review of the Movie - 8:1-11 - movie-stills!
JESUS OF NAZARETH: Jn 8:1-11 - from movie
Greatest Story Ever Told: Adulteress - new!

Music Videos:
Crucified With Christ - Hillsong: awesome!
Undo what we've become - "Rush of Fools" & PA
Sin No More   - Rebecca St. James, must play!
JESUS Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood
City on our Knees - Toby Mac, amazing! - new!

Special Helps: - new!
Undo what we've become - SIGN LANGUAGE!
At the Cross - Hillsong: lyric subtitles

Other Extras:
AUDIO - John 8:1-11 - (English) Online!
Video Commentary on PA - & Luke 18:9-14

Don't forget to visit our Commentary Page
- great explanatory materials

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