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Section 1: - On Authenticity of John 8:1-11

Here you will find four categories of articles dealing with the question of the origin and authenticity of John 8:1-11. Textual evidence, Internal evidence, Patristic evidence (early fathers and writers), Special evidence (apocryphal writings and fragments), and many articles examining the arguments of opponents to authenticity.


Section 2: - On Reconstruction of John 8:1-11

A full set of materials and an organized presentation of theories and methods of reconstruction, with genealogical relations and a comprehensive textual history of the verses. Previous work is examined and built upon, weaknesses in various arguments regarding the text are examined, and a solid foundation is laid for establishing the original text with high accuracy.


Section 3: - On the Interpretation of John 8:1-11

Several in-house commentaries, building upon the best of previous interpretation and exegesis, along with cutting edge discussions of political and ethical applications of John 8:1-11 for today.


Section 4: - Multi-Language Resources - 8:1-11

Up to date and accurate translations into many languages for those studying Biblical languages or ministering round the world.


& History Links

Many pages of organized history, to place the passage in a historical context, and explain the religious and political background and development during the critical early years of the formation and transmission of the New Testament. Currently we have Roman, Byzantine, Syrian, Early Church, and Dark Side chronologies available: These will be continually updated, expanded and improved. Extensive links to Research Sites on the Internet are provided for every subsection.


& John 8:1-11

This is an all new section dealing with the Synoptic Problem and how it relates to the authenticity of John 8:1-11. We will be making the basic ideas plain, behind this question of priority and dependance between the Gospels. From there we can properly assess the Gospel evidence of Luke and Matthew regarding the Pericope de Adultera.


Section 7: - HEBREW CORNER
& John 8:1-11

Here we are building a rich resource for Hebrew studies and the translation of the Holy Scriptures. Currently we have the whole Gospel of John in Unicode, and we are adding Luke soon. Interlinear versions of key passages have also been added.


Section 8: - Supplementary Materials - 8:1-11

Useful materials for students and researchers in the field of textual criticism and biblical hermeneutics, with Johannine studies at the forefront.


All New Sections Coming:

New Testament: - devoted to other NT evidence for John 8:1-11
Pre-NT: - covering early Jewish and Middle Eastern materials

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